Arizona State University Police Command Insulated from Accountability Once Again: Is it because of ASU’s deep pockets for Legal Defense OR were Plaintiff Lawyers Completely Incompetent?

Arizona State University police Command are insulated against accountability once again

When we initially read the complaint posted online we felt it was somewhat vague, but we are not lawyers. We would very much like to see an amended lawsuit with publicly exposed details we are able to take action on!

If this lawsuit is dead, we implore the plaintiffs to release all of their evidence for public domain! If it is ongoing, then we understand any reluctance to do so.

Again, we would like to reiterate the importance of:


“The only thing that can be derived from the present complaint is that Plaintiffs believe they were treated poorly during their time working for the police department,” wrote Senior U.S. District Judge Roslyn O. Silver in her ruling, which was issued July 21.

The various complaints alleged by the employees lack specific facts, she wrote, “and it is not possible to determine which Defendant allegedly harmed which Plaintiff and in what way. ”

The employees alleged they were retaliated and discriminated against after they spoke out about problems within the university’s police department.

The civil suit was filed earlier this year in Maricopa County Superior Court and later transferred to federal court. The suit claimed university employees violated the police employees’ freedom of speech, forced some of them into retirement and created false internal investigations to punish people.

The suit also alleges employees were directed to change crime statistics “to make ASU appear safer” and that supervisors directed employees to change crime classifications to avoid the community “seeing the crime that occurred on or around campus.”

The suit sought punitive damages and attorney fees.

Attorneys for ASU asked the judge to dismiss the suit.

William O’Hayer, one of the plaintiffs in the suit and a former ASU police officer, said the employees intend to file an amended complaint before Aug. 4.

Silver wrote in her ruling issued this week that if the defendants wish to amend and proceed with their claims “they must do substantially better than they have done so far.”

ASU declined comment on the judge’s ruling.

The ASU Community Deserves a Police Department Capable of Focusing On More Than Bike Thefts When Serious Crime Are Plaguing The Community.

Is that Too Much To Expect?

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Arizona State University Police Department management

Arizona State University Police Department management 2

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26 thoughts on “Arizona State University Police Command Insulated from Accountability Once Again: Is it because of ASU’s deep pockets for Legal Defense OR were Plaintiff Lawyers Completely Incompetent?

  1. Justanotherdispensible50 says:

    I have no doubt they will make a comeback. I have known some of them personally and they wouldn’t pursue this without substantial evidence for the case. Chief Mike Thompson wasted no time getting into bed with the troublesome crew of command Pickens promoted here.

    The conduct unbecoming of the command here is off the charts and it’s a long time coming that someone did something. Even if ASU is able to get them all out of hot water in some way or another it doesn’t matter. At least some people stood up for themselves for the sake of what’s right against what’s wrong.

    • 918 and a half says:

      I’m no lawyer but from what I could find online, it appears that the only thing ASU’s lawyers argued was legal technicalities. They did not even address the actual allegations other then their ridiculous canned media statement. It looks like the judge’s dismissal was because ASU threw so much money on a defense they probably had their attorney’s working around the clock to pull up every piece of obscure law they could to get the case knocked out. Luckily, it looks like its not over.

      What I know is this is a zero integrity police department with the highest turnover rate in the state. Is it because being a university cop is so hard? Maybe, it has something to do with years of illegal conduct, mismangement, and lack of ethics. No wait ASUPD is having ethics training so that must mean everything is fixed. WHAT A JOKE OF PD!!!

    • Old Salt says:

      I know some of the plaintiffs as well. Like the one that falsified his background paperwork at the AG’s office and will soon have his peace officer status revoked. He is the main plaintiff in your BS lawsuit.

    • yurhuckleberry says:

      Old Salt. You sound like another flaccid command staff member with a lot to lose by these guys going to court and spilling the beans. You say, “I know some of the plaintiffs as well. Like the one that falsified his background paperwork at the AG’s office and will soon have his peace officer status revoked.”

      You assclowns have tried this same bull with AZPOST so many times with so many officers and they laugh at your limp, lifeless, underperforming lies ever time.

      You refuse copies of personnel files and then create secret files on employees so you can injure them in background. What amazing ethical practices you have.

      You say, “He is the main plaintiff in your BS lawsuit.” Everyone knows only 1 person in the lawsuit who worked at AG office, Matt Parker. You didn’t even have the balls to say his name. Why are you on a mission to ruin him? Oh that’s right he is suing your corrupt lying ass or one of your cronies.

      They are refiling, you better hope it stays out of court, but good luck as they publicly expose the pile of lies and corruption you depend on to maintain a pay check.

      Brass gilded cowards like you spent more time fighting to hurt the careers of police officers you don’t like than the careers of criminals and obviously you’re proud of yourself, but why? Do yourself a favor and be honorable for a change. If not, swallow your pistol because our community is better off without a dishonored police officer bringing shame to our profession.

  2. QuickCallTempe says:

    I know one of the plaintiffs. They are having another lawyer amend the case for them (which was recommended by the judge). They got a month extension to file it as well.

    Don’t worry ASU command, it’s not over yet.

  3. Embudo says:

    No matter the final outcome of the lawsuit, the one thing I know for certain, ASU administrators that have perpetuated and enabled the corruption at the university’s police department have been exposed.

    Congratulations, Mark Kennedy, for being chosen as the University of North Dakota’s 12th president. Kennedy assumed the presidency July 1, 2016.

    I rest my case, Dr. Morgan R. Olsen and ASU.

  4. ComeOnNow4real says:

    I am looking forward to what’s going to be submitted next. There is so much corruption within the department that finding evidence of wrongdoing is only a matter of having attendence.

    • guerriero says:

      That last one I read had no detail. How can they not have details? This department is one step above a crime syndacate. It’s good to break the silence on dirty cops because they undermine all of us, but I have no intention of losing my job as a whistle blower.

  5. RUkiddingMe says:

    Instead of fixing the problems at ASUPD, ASU will do anything to bury the truth from getting out. It’s not much of a sustainable management model, but that’s none of my business…sip sip.

  6. guerriero says:

    This is why the immoral sadist management of ASUPD never changes. People leave and they bus in a new group of would be cop sapps to burn out with their games like the last group that left.

    An honest department motto would be, “Come to ASUPD, get lobotomized, drop out, and get replaced by new sapps to burn out.”

    It remains the same mismanaged mess continually with management addicted to power like a junkie that just can’t stop.

    • DanGagginMcCucksauce says:

      Too many ASU Police war stories deal with surviving the administration puppets, not fighting criminals.

  7. DanGagginMcCucksauce says:

    I expected them to be in court by now. Maybe command is going to get comfortable again now that they have this break. Let the IA machine loose, too many cops are leaving.

  8. OneFlewOverTheCuckoo'sPD says:

    We need to get the truth out to the masses on how corrupt and horribly mismanaged the university’s police department is under the leadership of Chief Mike Thompson.

    I hope the plaintiffs and their lawyers provide the specifics and details needed to move the lawsuit forward.

  9. yurhuckleberry says:

    When this many defendants have so much to hide you have to wonder if some of them realize their careers are on borrowed time and they know it. In this case justice is slow, but it’s coming for some of these pricks. They actually thought nobody would notice, say, or do anything, but whoops!

  10. ASUPDsmokeNmirrors says:

    I find it surprising for the command of the ASU Police department not to be teaching the ethics portion of training! When you have such a long history of violating ethics would that not give you some idea about what they are? Amusing.

    The real ethics test has yet to come.

    • popo39machine says:

      They have habitually gone out of their way to hire morally compromised individuals to be part of the command. Look at the stunning results.

  11. popo39machine says:

    Something needs to be done about how the crooked scum of command operating here for so long. I’m amazed anyone ever stood up to them. Word is, so are they.

  12. DL500unit says:

    Moral Courage is standing up to bullies when the audience is not cheering, but jeering. Heroes do not ask for the permission of the majority of onlookers, they act regardless.

    The problem for ASUPD has been that it didn’t attract hero types. For the most part it attracted people who want the recognution of heroes without any of the hazards.

    That’s precisely why the ASUPD command has become as unethical as they are. Nobody ever held them accountable!

  13. QuickCallTempe says:

    Deveny and Latella are suspended. Watch the pawns meet their demise live on the integrity report!

    How exciting, we can watch command roast these guys at the 11th hour to show everyone they’re not guilty!!

    Won’t work, though… and it’s not very clever. Not very clever and completely transparent is what we expect though.

    You want to burn a sergeant? Burn Pam…. oh wait she knows too many secrets, damn.

    Start singing Pam. You’re next.

    • ImJohnDoe says:

      Whats this all about?

    • theintegrityreport says:

      We are interested in learning more about this unprecedented move of putting two ASU Police supervisors on Administrative leave. Respond in secret with an unused name, but same email address and it will not auto publish.

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