ADMINISTRATIVE LEAVE for 2 ASU Police Supervisors: Lieutenant Latella & Sgt. Nate Deveney who are BOTH BRADY LISTERS, but protected

Arizona State Police Sgt Nate Deveney Integrity Free Zone














ASU Police just completed ETHICS TRAINING in time for TWO of it’s supervisors to find themselves out on ADMIN LEAVE. Never in the history of the Arizona State University Police Department have 2 supervisors been placed on leave at the same time! Even crazy ASU Sgt Michael Roper only received 8 days off for threatening to shoot ASU Detective Dustin Melton. It’s only a shell game, not professional accountability. Both of these supervisors will be set free of responsibility, especially Latella.

Are we surprised?

No, not at all.

Are Chief Thompson and his command trying to do the right thing?

No, not a chance, it’s just a feint.

Should thorough investigations be done on both of these known liar ASU Police supervisor Brady listers? ABSOLUTELY.

Chief Michael Thompson’s bosses are on notice and the flunkies of ASU Police command are finally under a token modicum of professional scrutiny. Without ethics or competent police department management skills, their typical unprofessional clusterfuck management style always rises to the top.

Chief Michael Thompson, his Assistant Chiefs, and Commanders are looking for lower level scapegoats for what they thought would be another routine career assassination move on a ASU Police Officer they targeted.

We have received word that the 3rd floor of 325 E Apache Blvd Tempe AZ is in a 4 Alarm Fire over attempting to orchestrate the termination of ASU Police Officer Mathew Mansfield.

Good luck to you Officer Mansfield, they are doing all they can, and we have seen this routine from them for years.  Be very careful in dealing with them because they are willing to say/do anything they think they can get away with. Hold them accountable with everything possible by making sure everyone above them and every outside entity available is aware of what is going on.

The command of ASU Police routinely target employees, but when they terminate officers they attempt to concoct a way for them to have their AZPOST peace officer certification revoked.

How many times were the ASU Police Command successful? ZERO

How much INTEGRITY does the ASU Police Command have? ZERO

A Police Department managed without INTEGRITY is an absolute 100% LIABILITY to the community they are expected to serve.

If ASU Police Command did a complete and proper investigation into the conduct of themselves, then you would start seeing employees from the ASU Police Department losing their AZPOST certifications.

(Commander Chris Speranza was actually assigned by ASU Police Chief Michael Thompson to investigate himself in a complaint against himself. Can no rank ASU Police Officers investigate their own complaints against them? No, so either ASU Police Chief Michael Thompson is a complete idiot OR he is a corrupt piece of shit. Which one is it Chief Michael Thompson?) We think it’s both!

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22 thoughts on “ADMINISTRATIVE LEAVE for 2 ASU Police Supervisors: Lieutenant Latella & Sgt. Nate Deveney who are BOTH BRADY LISTERS, but protected

  1. DontLOLmeJP says:

    Who are they kidding? They selectively take action only against people they want out of their club.

  2. Smokey261 says:

    The problem for ASU supervisors is a lack of standardized meaning for discipline because some ASU supervisors don’t understand simple definitions or they choose to make up whatever they want with creative writing and throw it in an officer’s file. They can say whatever they want in a file and that’s that according to how the police department is run.

    They really enjoy using the word insubordinate for everything without understanding what would constitute that in the military.

    Education could help that, but they have two senior police positions held by people with no college degree making over 100k, one has a GED. I have arrested meth heads with more education.

    If either Latella or Deveny lied, fire them immediately!

  3. Embudo says:

    I heard that Officer Mansfield has amassed a ton of documentation that indicts these two supervisors, Latella and Deveney.

    It is unprecedented that two lying and unethical supervisors would even be put on administrative leave during an in-house targeting episode.

    What does that tell me? That Officer Mansfield has these two individuals dead to rights and is beating them and command at their own BS lying games.

    Don’t give the individuals in command the pleasure of drumming you out like they have done to so many other employees over the years, Officer Mansfield.

    Advice to Officer Mansfield and others that might be in a similar situation:

    1. Document and record everything!

    2. Ensure Chief Mike Thompson’s boss and ASU’s HR is aware of what is occurring — puts ASU on notice and holds them accountable for actions that might be illegal or in violation of ASU policy within the PD.

    3. Ensure you have outstanding legal representation!

  4. RUkiddingMe says:

    There are 3 types of employees at the Arizona State University Police Department:
    1. Employees who protect their incompetence and corruption in positions by consistently attacking other employees.
    2. Employees who are the targets of these employees.
    3. The revolving 60-70%+ of employees who are new employees, not familiar with the politics, and leave within 1 or politics once they see the writing on the wall at this dead end department.

    The only reason these two are on admin leave is because they need to appear to do something while protecting commanders and above. Nobody paid any attention in their ethics training.

  5. Guerriero says:

    Latella used to be easy to work with, but it became increasingly difficult to work with him once he started promoting and drinking the Kool-aid of ASUPD Command.

    It used to be about the troops, now it’s all about him and making bosses happy no matter what ethical issues are trampled.

  6. yurhuckleberry says:

    How laughable it is that Thompson and his command are so scared they felt compelled to take the very public act of putting these two on administrative leave in order to make it appear they have ethical standards. Why isn’t ASU Police Commander Chris Speranza on administrative leave? Why indeed.

    • QuickCallTempe says:

      They will burn those two in order to appear unbiased/fair because they are worried about the lawsuit. I doubt it was even their idea, I bet their lawyers planted that seed.

      Way too little, far too late.

    • JustTheFacts says:

      They had the paperwork to exonerate them already filled out.

    • DL500unit says:

      With Speranza not on admin leave it shows a material bias. This grab ass pd administration doesnt get it, never will.

  7. ThySummons says:

    Commander Chris Speranza was actually assigned by ASU Police Chief Michael Thompson to investigate himself in a complaint against himself?!

    Really, Chief Thompson! Have you lost your freaking marbles! You actually thought it appropriate to have one of the most unethical and shady employees in the department investigate themselves! Ethics and management 101: You NEVER have someone investigate themselves, period!

    You, my friend, are unbelievably corrupt and should be immediately removed as chief of police by the university.

    The Department of Justice really needs to be called in to do a full-blown investigation into the operations of ASUPD.

    • QuickCallTempe says:

      Does it really surprise you that command investigates themselves? Do you think this is the first time? I’m surprised there was even an “investigation” to start with.

    • JustTheFacts says:

      Nobody holds them accountable and therefore they have no accountability for themselves. It’s like a real life documentary on one of the crime families.

    • ****Beep Boop Beep*** <– breaking news sound… This just in, Christopher Speranza places himself on administrative leave while he investigates himself thoroughly. In other news, Chief Thompson may have broken a nail while violently sharpening a pencil. Chiefy reportedly didn't hear the sound of his nail breaking over the sound of his empire crumbling. Tempe Fire Department responded with a spongebob square pants band-aid and the injuries were contained on scene. There will be an IA into this matter and all initial reports indicate that the pencil sharpener has been placed on admin leave until further notice. For more news like this, check out <– yes, .com ya'll. It's actually pretty funny.

    • DL500unit says:

      How’s that ethics class training making an impact?

  8. Tweedy Browne says:

    What a scandalous group of individuals ASUPD command and the clique are.

    I hope you guys are able to rid your department of the scum.

  9. DL500unit says:

    It’s simple. This is a public relations shell game. They put Mansfield on admin leave in an another attempt to damage his career with the typical ASUPD clique hyper speedy negative documentation in his file. They are looking to fire him for whistle blowing on their typical unethical games.

    They are looking for any means real or imaginary to exonerate horndog Deviney and emotional teenage Lietrnant Latella. They promoted Latella right in the middle of determing the admin leave mess and let him know it’s temporary, enjoy your time off. It’s a farce. How do these people look in the mirror without being disgusted?

  10. ThySummons says:

    Chief Thompson, are you aware that you cannot conduct business that is in violation of federal or state laws?

    Are you also aware that actions by you, your staff and others in violation of federal or state laws could be at a minimum career-ending?

  11. popo39machine says:

    Let me get this right, they put 2 out of 3 subjects in a complaint on administrative leave, gave Commander Chris Speranza a free pass as usual to “investigate” his own complaint, and then put the guy who made the complaint on administrative leave?

    Sure sounds legitimate!

  12. Twocents says:

    Everyone’s guess is that they’re looking for every reason to fire Mansfield, while excusing everything Latella and Deveney have done.

    You should do an updated story on all the officers who are gone now that school started.

  13. OneFlewOverTheCuckoo'sPD says:

    Chief Mike Thompson is once again orchestrating with his staff and an ASU procured thug to target and destroy a PD employee’s life. The modus operandi never changes.

  14. LDS says:

    I’m glad that a few had the courage to come forward and expose these guys for what they are.

    It’s a shame that we have these type of individuals in law enforcement that have zero integrity and ethics.

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