Are YOU good, no, NEW enough for a SECRET PAY RAISE from Arizona State University Police Chief Michael Thompson?

Story written by a guest writer.
Ladies and gents, are you tired of working for ASUPD for years without a pay raise? Of course you are, it sucks! Are you tired of hearing your former academy classmates handling real police work, while you take a break from being a mall cop to dirty dick  a college student with a felony for 0.5 grams of medical marijuana pot? Of course you are!
If you’re too new for ASUPD admin and their pets to single you out and mercilessly attack your law enforcement career OR you sold your soul to the dark side of cronyism, threw fellow officers under the bus in department politics, and are part of the team of one, me, me, me mentality, then listen up!
Join a high profile, much advertised, ASUPD specialty detail, all you do is pretend to test for it and if you are liked the oral board counts for 100% of your grade. And once you’re in………………threaten to leave, meet ASU Police Chief Michael Thompson and get your special secret raise! ASU Police Sergeant Nate Deveny did it first and then coached his new bike squad to do the same.
If you’ve been a part of the Arizona State University Police Department longer than 5 minutes, are a person of average intelligence, then you’ll see what type of den of moral inequity, brothel, and disorganized clown show you signed up for. Seriously, some of these people would sell their mom to human traffickers to get ahead.
Be sure to ask Deveney, Casanno, Wang, & Zorich about their special raises and maybe you too can get tips on living a little larger than a check to check pauper with empty upturned pockets as command gives themselves another pay raise, yet another do nothing useless command position. Nothing quite says, “FUCK YOU” to other ASU Police Officers like a secret pay raise to a band of rookies for riding a bicycle.

Good Job Chief Thompson and the other dildos who had a hand in this gaff! 

For the love of god, save your dignity, save your career, and go work for a real police department with a record of adhering to some sort of integrity code and get the respect you deserve. At the time of this article,  half a dozen officers are in processes with other departments.

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10 thoughts on “Are YOU good, no, NEW enough for a SECRET PAY RAISE from Arizona State University Police Chief Michael Thompson?

  1. Getitright says:

    They can’t even be fair with pay raises to their employees, that’s not new, but should have been fixed by now. The problem is Chief Mike Thompson is just as corrupt as Chief John Pickens ever was.

    I have heard about these money games for many years there. The way they usually reward people are through promotions like Sergeant, nearly double salary.

    After that they give away money on evaluations to their friends who get 4 or higher, while taking the money from the people they couldn’t care less for, which is everyone else who gets a 3.

    The university is paying Pickens 150,000 to stare at a wall in a made up job that was not open to the public or other university employees to test for, so the money games are not confined to the Arizona State University Police Department, they are a systemic problem throughout the university.

  2. DontLOLmeJP says:

    Ah yes, more shameful examples of insider corruption and back door deals. Because nobody is going to find out about it right?

  3. Sheepdog999 says:

    This is the standard of police officer ethics, integrity, and professional standards promoted by ASU Police Chief Mike Thompson. He should resign his position for a more worthy candidate to finally bring honor to the head leadership position of the ASU police department. Nothing has changed for the better with him replacing Pickens. It’s like Pickens never left. The real losers are the public who have to get by with a hollow shell of a police department unable to staff regular shifts or fight the continuing tide of officers, civilians, who are always leaving once they realize how the place is run. Sad, sad, state of affairs.

    • McDougles says:

      It didn’t take long after latereraling over, to find out what a huge mistake it was and I’m finding out I wasn’t the only guy. I never knew how good I had it at my old department till I came to asupd.

      The lowest levels of ethics I’ve ever ever heard about in Arizona, that’s for sure.

    • yurhuckleberry says:

      I actually think Thompson is worse than Pickens because at one point he recognized the Pickens’s command as the problem, but then became the exact same way.

      He has a weak follower mentality that’s malleable and based on those around him manipulating him to feel this way or that about staff and the problems within the department.

      Brown nosing to the fellas on one’s own behalf at the Fulton Center does not help the Arizona State University Police department in any way.

  4. McDougles says:

    I hate to say it, but the department is ran more like a street gang than a police department.

    • OneFlewOverTheCuckoo'sPD says:

      Elements of the command staff and some mid-level supervisors are nothing more than white collar criminals masquerading as legitimate peace officers.

    • yurhuckleberry says:

      It is. Absolutely. Here are some examples:

      1. They decide which policies to enforce with some people and not their friends.

      2. They decide harsher punishments for one person than another person, one of their friends, on the same issue.

      3. High evaluations are reserved for friends, that determines merit raises, everyone else gets low 3’s.

      4. They hold out promotions for friends, manipulate the processes for them, while hard working and qualified employees get passed over repeatedly.

      5. If you object to any of the above issues you are singled out as what they themselves call a “project”. Afterwards they stuff your personnel file with garbage, talk trash to other agencies that you apply to, and keep a secret file on you, full of things you’re not aware of to submit to any agency your apply to in order to discredit you in the process.

  5. yurhuckleberry says:

    Was Chief Michael Thompson really ignorant enough to think that a department full of police wouldn’t eventually figure out about this or did he just not care that people would find out? Even the new guys figure out fairly quickly how backwards and shady the management is. When you see an Officer with 1 actual year on patrol get made Sergeant over 10-25 year veterans that’s a Vegas style glowing neon sign of how fucked up your police department is.

    When you see one guy getting away with murder and another one being destroyed over a mismatch of minor policy violations and a rush to judgement regardless of evidence, that’s another issue occurring on a regular basis there, rampant corruption, crony protectionism, and gangster mentality. Nobody on the outside would believe how that place is managed. Well, nobody from a first world nation anyway.

  6. MrMumbleTpegs says:

    So the bike squad conned a con man. Well played guys!

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