“Urgence Pour Sophie” demonstrating for the right of auxillary nurse to stay in France

Sophie Dianoko, 30 years old, has worked as an auxillary nurse for the last three years at CHU university hospital in Toulouse.  She has lived in France since 2000 and has not been in Mali, her country of birth,  since the age of 13, when she left for Russia with her father who was an ambassador there. She has been given an order to leave France (OQFT) on 19/12/11 because her French husband, who has been both violent and unfaithful in their marriage, has refused to meet with the prefecture to prove that they live together. They need to be married for four years before Sophie can claim French nationality, but they have been married less than two.

In mid October, friends and colleagues of Sophie formed a collective called “Urgence Pour Sophie” to support her fight to stay in France.

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