Festival of Lesley

Dear All,

Given that we are ‘Led by Lesley’ this showcase of me and my so-called scholarship is clearly of equal importance to my reputation and the REF and is a key way of pretending we are actually doing key research at Kingston. Can I ask you please to ensure that your staff are signed up for my waffle sessions (we have limited spaces and faculties need to know about numbers for sleeping) and that they recognise this week-long event has the full support of senior staff – turn up or else.  The Festival is KAPS accredited for those who need a bit more padding for professional recognition or their CPD reports.  I should point out that KUL is likely to be audited by the HEA in the near future and will expect to see a load of meaningless bullshit reports from selected staff with ‘professional’ recognition.

The page with links to the full programme and registration is https://staffspace.kingston.ac.uk/more- bollocks/Festival-of-Lesley.aspx . Registration will close at midday on Friday .

Best wishes


Professor of Education Education Education
Deputy Vice Chancellor (Education, Led-by-Lesley, Management Waffle)

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  1. A.Friend says:

    Sad but so very true!, I remember when Kingston Poly was consistently one of the best Polys in the country a well-deserved reputation based on great quality, solid, TEACHING. Now the University is being systematically destroyed and the heart ripped out of it. I feel deeply angry but above it saddens me beyond belief that we have been so betrayed by senior management.

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