BME underperformance

The Vice-Chancellor has make it a priority (a Key Performance Imbecile) to address the underperformance of BME staff. Those members of staff who are in the category of BME (Beleagured, Miserable and Exhausted) have been observed to underperform. The director of the EDI Unit (exclusion, division and inequality), Nona McDuffer has declared that reasons for this underperformance are a mystery.

Therefore the management is organising a series of seminars and workshops to address this issue. Staff will be invited to these regular events to discuss endlessly why they are BME. In addition, the SMT will invite members of this group to put bland questions to them, to which it will reply that the University needs to communicate its strategic direction more effectively. The management welcomes diversity in the ways staff support them without question. These meetings will continue until all BME staff resign, retire, or if that doesn’t happen, are sacked.

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