Kingston staff may feel confused about the motivations of Martin McQuillan, Dean of FASS and DVC for research. In FASS they are used to the scary emails from him, and as a member of the SMT, everyone else knows all about the dodgy performance scheme it (one presumes) collectively supports. Yet he is also a member of the Second Convention for Higher Education, set up to resist the proposals in the green paper on “teaching excellence”. In their view, the proposals would be highly damaging to the university sector, a sentiment we can all agree with, recently expressed in a letter to Guardian.

We can all applaud McQuillan’s action here, yet why he does he not resist the similar aggressive marketisation and micro-management that is going on at Kingston, Led by Tuninga and Ratty? Time for some home resistance from a senior academic. How about it Martin?

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  1. A Friend says:

    To be perfectly fair to Ratty and his highly paid minions they’ve managed to loose many of their best staff and alienate the rest which is, in itself, no mean feat!.

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