It’s survey party time again


For those of you who aren’t aware, a bit like the SMT, the NSS and our L4 and L5 surveys launch today, or was it last week. You’ll see balloons and banners, party poppers and fireworks and the Student Voice team arsing about all over the place. If you have to speak to students about it, don’t say anything but tell them they must give us a good result, but don’t tell them that. There is lots of rubbish already provided here. We’re aiming at a great response rate and a great outcome so please, only the happy students should respond. Its amazing how students respond to a bribe! The surveys run all year. Thanks to everyone who has been overworked yet again!

Kingston University Teachy-Feely Fellowships launched
This year we are launching our KUL Teachy-Feely Fellowships. Winners will receive £15K to carry out a pedagogic project designed to make it seem there is a purpose to my job. The winners will also be our NTF candidates for the following year -so they won’t have to do any work!

Through the KAPS scheme and AP&P we have discovered some truly extraordinary and exemplary ways to torture our staff and we want to celebrate this. We are also ensuring that our promotion scheme enables those who are making these contributions to achieve demotion to junior lecturer as our criteria are twisted to allow. Until now, we’ve screwed up big time but that will get worse!

Kingston University in Kurdistan
Some of you may be aware that we are supporting a group in Kurdistan to open a new University based on the UK HE system. This is an extremely exciting project and we are all staying close to the toilets. The early courses to be offered fall in the areas of Teaching, Teaching and Learning, Learning and Teaching, Learning. Oh, and Surveying finally got rid of them completely. If any of you in these fields are interested in living in an extreme climate, please contact me

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