Another Crappy New Year?

How’s life at Kingston? Judging by the many comments to posts on Dissenters Blog over the past year, not so good. It appears the only faculty that does not have major problems is Health, and this might be an illusion. NHS bursaries for Nursing have gone and this has affected student numbers. But discontent rages in all the other faculties.

FASS has had a bad time of it although there was one piece of good news: they got rid of crooked McQuillan, or rather the SMT did when his dishonesty went too far even for the dodgy management. Unfortunately the downside is that McQuillan’s old mucker, Simon Moran Worthless, another example of a supreme incompetent according to many, filled his unprincipled boots. Read more about it here. Then there was the disgraceful affair in Politics. Staff were wheeled into mock interviews in quick succession, especially quick for those who the SMT had already earmarked for the sack. Humiliation on top of loss of livelihood: how low can the SMT sink? In the end, one staff member resigned, three others were sacked. Consequently workloads are at exceptional levels, staff are struggling with little time if any for research. So much for improving the University.

Also punch-drunk are the long suffering staff in SEC. True, the useless Sutcliffe has gone, but the bumbling Vice Dean, Lucyfer Jones, is still there and the stand-in dean, Dave ‘Dirty’ Mackintosh is doing the dirty on Mathematics, where the rumours suggest the department will be closed and half the staff lost. Geography, despite a reasonable recruitment, was hacked about during the previous phase of Plan 20 Ways To Sack Your Mother. Nor have the threats to Engineering gone away. KU staff levels haven’t struck bottom yet.

Business has been quieter of late, yet Tuninga lingers on, gradually undermining the faculty. Staff are slowly getting out when they can. The operations officer has gone, and other administrators elsewhere in the University have been squeezed out, all done very quietly of course — the SMT hates bad publicity.

The renamed Kingston School of Art, in anticipation of a time when Kingston University folds and make an escape in its own pod, is not without its troubles either. Seems that the Acting Dean Anne “Pint of” Boddington is causing ructions already, two academics gone, maybe others to follow. But are things about to get a lot worse? According to a comment back in November, the School may be getting a new dean in the shape of one Colin Rhodes from down under, an Aussie academic with a reputation for cost-cutting and upsetting the students rather than his art. Streuth! Could Boddies be acting elsewhere before long?

So, Kingston crumbles on. The recent workshops to which all staff were invited to give their views on our future were oversubscribed, hence only a relatively small number of us were able to contribute. Yet this is almost certainly for show. The Mismanagement shows no sign of improving conditions for the staff. Some of the deans are borderline psychopathic, the corruption of individuals like McQuillan is hushed up, the despair of the staff is ignored. Apart from a shiny new building in two years’ time, what is there to look forward to? Perhaps not even the building.

One good thing. Dissent is growing. This blog, now getting on four years old, has spawned a Twitter account and another blog on the corrupt events in FASS. Thank you to everyone for reading these posts and your many comments. Please keep them coming, and may we at Dissenters Blog wish you all a Happy New Year.

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