KU Clerihew 2

Dave ‘Plastic’ Mackintosh
Talks a lot of tosh;
Backed Weinberg, though deranged,
Until the wind changed.

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  1. Rhodes to nowhere says:

    He’s here. The latest addition to the SMT clowns, Colin Rhodes Dean of Kingston School of Art. Left his charisma at the airport when he scuttled back from that embarrassing time in Australia. Will KSA students wise up to his secretive cost-cutting ways? Listen students, this guy is not sorting out the staff to give you a better deal. No, he is planning how to take your fees and hand you back a reduced quality education. Rhodes is clearly a lackey for Spier. Which means he can stay witless because he will be told exactly how to do his job. Don’t slip up slippery Colin, or you will be transporyed once more. They send them to the University of West London these days.

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