Laughing stock

Amazing what you hear in a lift, and KU’s Dear Leader will not be best pleased. According to coffee-break gossip across parts of Uni admin, somebody heard two members of the Senior Leadership Team (who’ll remain nameless for now, to spare their blushes) slagging off Spiersy behind his back and laughing about what he calls his ‘People Impact’ plans. Think about that: that’s two members of the SLT, who often sit with the V.C. in meetings, being nice and loyal to him to his face, then back-stabbing him and ridiculing him in private.

What did they find so amusing? The V.C. has allegedly been boasting to whoever will listen that the ‘refashioning’ of professional and support services will BOTH reduce and enhance the service. He will not listen to any evidence that says otherwise, even though there’s plenty of it. No wonder members of his own team have serious doubts. But they are too gutless to say so. Pathetic, really.

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2 Responses to Laughing stock

  1. Marcel the drunkard says:

    Lost half his double-barrelled name but kept all of his double-barrelled salary – unlike those facing redundancy.

  2. KP Observer says:

    Old Habits Die Hard

    Well, well, well. Who was that coming out of a branch of Ann Summers in Brighton? A staff member reports that it looked suspiciously like former FASS Dean and major slimeball Simon Moron-Wortham. Seems old habits die hard. Remember him? The Dean who was caught having very personal relations with his P.A. on campus. Scandalously, he kept his job but his P.A. was forced out. It was a major cover-up by Uni bosses. Worthless had to drop half of his double-barrel name when his wife found out. We wonder whether the senior leadership types who had to listen the other Wed morning at 8.00am to another yawn-making presentation by KU’s very own MeToo role model really grasp what Wortham’s like? His wife could fill them in perhaps.

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