Madness at the Town House

Spiersy wears his VC best
Poly grey suit and string vest
Students playing up upstairs
Leering at the leotards
On dancers in glass jars
They hang around

Town House, the place that cost a mint
Town House, now we’re bloody

Town House it has a crowd
Joe Public having coffee
And it’s usually quite loud
Where silence is avowed
Upstairs in the library
Talking is allowed

Town House, it’s a Babel din
Town House, Spiersy’s on the

Town House, Ratty’s crazy dream

I remember way back then when
Scotty was in charge and when
We would have a very normal time
A teaching time
A study time
And I remember how we’d work
No sackings from a senior jerk
And no berk
Would try to send us

Architects are back on site
Drilling in the walls
To cure the balls-
up that they made
Students think the place is shite
Once again staff are betrayed

Town House, in the middle of a hole
Town House, an SMT own goal
Town House is a castle you can keep
Town House isn’t even fit for sheep

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  1. Skint, Gin says:

    Brilliant! Absolutely laughed my socks off over this!

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