A symposium on higher education was run recently, organised by — who else? — Two-papers-Lesley-Hyphen-Jane-Jane-Jane, Deputy Vice Chancellor for Edukashun and All-in Wrestling. Unfortunately Dissenter had an urgent appointment at the hairdressers and was unable to attend so must rely on information from those who were short on excuses.

Initial reports say that the early talks were devoted to the corporate message with any mildly dissenting questions batted aside by pretending not to hear. Ron Barnett from the Institute of Higher Education upset the apple cart by attacking the notion of HE’s marketisation. But it was okay in the end: the apple cart contained no apples and Eales-Hyphen-Jane-Hyphen-Reynold had no need to look more than politely interested. Ratty, who had scuttled in late, is well known for his hearing difficulties and his whiskers twitched not.

If you were there perhaps you’d like to leave your impressions below (when the comments facility is restored).

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