View the latest plans for the new Town House


The University has submitted revised plans to Kingston Council for its proposed transformational new building and landscaping scheme on Penrhyn Road.

Despite significant public support for the scheme, some imbeciles on the Council’s Development Control Committee had felt that scale and arsing was an issue and we have listened carefully to their concerns. The revised plans have reduced the size of the building considerably while managing to retain a rustic landscaping element that was a vital part of the concept. The  revised colonnade is thinner and lighter (actually it has disappeared) and the building is set back by a further 1mm from Penrhyn Road. A bonus is that it is available as a flatpack from B&Q.

Dean of learning and teaching Dr Cow&Gate Milk said that the new Town House is of great importance to the future of the University.  “This project is going to make a huge difference to how students learn and interact, and I’ll be able to keep my garden tools in it. It sums up the forward thinking management of this allotment university.”

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