Last of the APs

The invidious AP transition practice introduced by the Great Destroyer, Julius Weinberg, has come to an end. In case anybody is unaware, Weinberg decided to abolish the titles of Principal Lecturer and Reader and replace them with the new designation of Associate Professor, a professor that isn’t a professor (not unlike some ‘full’ professors at Kingston). The grade 10 staff occupying these posts were forced to go through a long-winded, demoralising charade of reapplying for their grades, under the threat of eventual demotion and a large salary cut.

This whole nasty business is now over after some five years, yet it is not clear who is facing demotion, or whether the University will enact its threat. Out of 264 subject to the procedure, 156 are now APs. Many good staff have resigned or retired. This blog understands that 10 applied for transition in the final round but we don’t know how many got through, although the number is said to be high. So plainly there are still some grade 10s in limbo.

It must be obvious to all but the senior mismanagement how destructive this has all been. Kingston has lost staff, undermined the morale of those still here, and weakened its reputation. But the very worst result of all is the damage done to the collegiality of the University. Apart from the loss of faith in the management to provide the leadership and support needed, there has been an attendant loss of faith in one’s colleagues. It is noteworthy how few grade 10s, once they made it to AP, took any interest in the plight of their fellow lecturers. Standing together was the one source of strength we had. Sadly this never really happened. Too many kept their heads low and offered no support to anyone else. This fragmentation amongst the teaching staff may yet prove to be the undoing of Kingston. It has certainly allowed the SMT to trample all over us.

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