Happy Christmas to all our readers

For many of us at Kingston this has not always been the happiest time of year. Threats of demotion and redundancy often intensify in December and this year is no different: January will bring more redundancies, voluntary and compulsory. One would think that Scrooge’s Mismanagement Team does it deliberately.

This blog has speculated before about the kind of psychology that allows one person to mistreat others so, and one wonders how or whether they justify their actions. Do they believe they work for the common good of the University (rather than themselves), despite all evidence to the contrary? Do the overpaid SMTers tell themselves it’s just part of the job? — a manager’s got to do what a manager’s got to do.

Let this weary speculation hang in abeyance for the moment. We can console ourselves that many of us Kingston employees feel the same. This blog recently passed one thousand hits per day, a fillip for dissenters everywhere and a message to management that their incompetence and sheer nastiness is intolerable.

A Happy Christmas to our readers and here’s hoping for a better New Year.

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  1. kuhhyjjogiog says:

    Dear Webmaster,
    Lots of my recent comments regarding the veracity of other posted comments have been censored by you. I do respect your right so to do, since this is your website, but please do consider that some existing comments are unsubstantiated, are ridiculous, and may be damaging to the cause of bringing KU to some sort of understanding.
    Best wishes for 2018.

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