KU Clerihew 5

Nona McDuff
Decided she’d had enough
Of EDI: her boast to have closed the BME attainment gap
Turned out to be crap.

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4 Responses to KU Clerihew 5

  1. KU Clerihew 7? says:

    Professor Peter Buse
    Interim PVCR, really? A ruse?
    He does not do his job
    As annoying as Pob!

    Here he is! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dqxZo_myyA

  2. KU Clerihew 6? says:

    Professor Andy Kent
    Horrifically corrupt and bent
    This Psychiatrist needs to be sacked
    In order to get our Humanity back

  3. hrinsider says:

    When is McDuff leaving?

  4. OccasionalVisitor says:

    And now Big Ron
    Will soon be gone…

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