Verse from an HR fan

David Walsh of HR,
Corrupt like a pirate! Arr! Arr!
He breaks procedure and policy,
Like a giant toddler who goes pee pee,
All over your head.
Working for Kingston,
You’d wish you were dead.

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1 Response to Verse from an HR fan

  1. Near By Jim says:

    Down with the odious rat David Walsh and his ilk! KU needs a complete overhaul of it’s HR corrupt staff! Have these rats ever heard of employment law? The Equality Act? And don’t get me started on their “Dignity At Work” scheme to combat bullying. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! These people ARE the bullies! They enable aggressive underhanded management from subpar, mediocre so called “academics” and “management” staff.

    There is a reason why KU is low in the ranks! And it is due to enabling shit people, so the good people leave.

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