Woodsy comes to Kingston

WOAAAHHHHHHH YES. Woodsy here, fresh back from a bangin Winter Olympics, the sickest thing I’ve ever done, even if I spent too much time on my double backside three-sixty. Ouch! So here I am in Kingston and I’m stoked! Top rider Spiersy has asked me to put down a ski-snowboarding department. MASSIVE. He says the kids are gonna love it! Come on Spiersy! He put down a great run in the TEF Olympics but only came back with bronze. Something to do with that half-arsed reverse one-eighty. Tragic.

So we got a great team lined up! There’s the Aussie Rhodesy who crashed out big in Sydney but is over here with his new triple salary ten (grand a month). It’s a HUGE trick. How do they do it??? OH MY GOODNESS ME! What happened there? A 25% drop in competitors in the Kingston degree slopestyle. ABSOLUTELY HUGE. This looks one event that’s gonna crash. I’m outta here.

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  1. Muckraker says:

    Just found out from a reliable contact at Pen Rd campus that the University is threatening to close down the ‘River’ newspaper, as managers don’t like the questions the paper’s student journalists have been asking! If this is true, it is deeply disturbing. It will show the Uni hates free speech or independent inquiry, which is the lifeblood of a true Uni. Anybody got any further info on this?

    • Sack Sadist Racists From Our Uni says:

      I wouldn’t be suprised if it was true Muckraker. What is the first rule of abusers to the abused? “Keep quiet. Keep this a secret”. Abuse flourishes if you keep silent. National media should be aware that Kingston is trying to cut the student newspaper. Seasoned journalists should stand up for these young journalists. If anyone has an idea of who to report it to, do it! The young have been brave, so should we be.

    • Dissenter says:

      Worth pointing out that the students who run The River appear unaware of any threat.

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    • Muckraker says:

      The students who run The River may be unaware, yes, and let’s hope their press freedom is completely safe and is allowed to continue. But there has definitely been a lot of moaning by senior mis-managers about the paper, who see it as a thorn in their side. I also have it on very good authority that some line-managers lower down the pecking order at Pen Rd have been echoing these views, have been referring to the paper as ‘toxic’ in meetings with staff and staff have been warned not to talk to the paper. Such is the climate of intimidation now around at KU.

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