Woodsy comes to Kingston

WOAAAHHHHHHH YES. Woodsy here, fresh back from a bangin Winter Olympics, the sickest thing I’ve ever done, even if I spent too much time on my double backside three-sixty. Ouch! So here I am in Kingston and I’m stoked! Top rider Spiersy has asked me to put down a ski-snowboarding department. MASSIVE. He says the kids are gonna love it! Come on Spiersy! He put down a great run in the TEF Olympics but only came back with bronze. Something to do with that half-arsed reverse one-eighty. Tragic.

So we got a great team lined up! There’s the Aussie Rhodesy who crashed out big in Sydney but is over here with his new triple salary ten (grand a month). It’s a HUGE trick. How do they do it??? OH MY GOODNESS ME! What happened there? A 25% drop in competitors in the Kingston degree slopestyle. ABSOLUTELY HUGE. This looks one event that’s gonna crash. I’m outta here.

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