Inspirational Jones the Bones

In the vein of Dissenter and their followers i have also penned a poem, which i would like to share. I call it “Fiona Jones chews on old bones”.

Professor Fiona Jones,
Chews on old bones,
Of Workers and researchers,
For all to see,
In the Joint of Faculty
Of Health, Social Care & Education,
(A bermuda triangle of malfunction).

She says she is mixed methods,
Behaving like a God,
But she doesn’t know her arse from her elbow,
And crikey! Don’t it show!

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5 Responses to Inspirational Jones the Bones

  1. Cheesy Toes says:

    Inspirational? Hahahahaha!! I think not! What is the opposite of “inspirational”?

  2. Danny boy says:

    There are a lot of malign Fionas at KU.

  3. Sack Sadist Racists From Our Uni says:

    It. Gets. Worse. Jones the Bones had concerns of her racism covered up by the Faculty and HR. What is even more interesting is that a senior Faculty member who is black did not confront Jones. Jones the Bones had a BAME employee that she bullied out of a job and replaced with a white employee.

    My HRinsider revealed falsified documents by Jones the Bones attempting to hide concerns about her racism and bullying. The Faculty has a very low number of BAME PhD educated workers, and they do not protect the ones they do have.

    I am glad i am white! I cannot imagine what it is like to be BAME and being subjected to degradation and having to do 10x the amount of work to just get by. It is academic slavery and is in keeping with Jones’s MBE – Member of the British Empire award, colonial out-dated pro-slavery thinking.

    This is all the product of the Dean who allows harassment of workers in order to placate the hidden sadism of people like Fiona Jones who chews on workers bones. We need to cleanse ourselves of these Machiavellian disordered people out of our places of learning. Racism and the abuse of vulnerable staff is just not acceptable.

  4. hrinsider says:

    Met a Kingston School of Artifice (KS) chum on the train last night. Her dean, Rhodes to Nowhere, is basically a plant to get rid of Morgan Wortham and Tuninga. Rhodes got some consultants in to give all his staff ‘development’. She told me they were forced to have meetings, where their ‘colleagues’ observed them and then gave feedback. Rhodes trotted out platitudes worn smooth by the silent bile of his puppet master Spier. Looks like KSA is going to be the bright new mega faculty. Then Spier can dump the rest. Rhodes is his poodle to flog spier’s dead horse a bit more, before its flogged off.

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