The Cleverly Brothers

Introducing the Cleverly Brothers, a duo of bright sparks hired by the poptastic Music Department at Kingston. Here is their new smash hit. It’s the only harmony you’ll get at KU.

Bye bye FASS
Bye bye History
Hello apostasy
We think we’re gonna cry

Here comes our Spiersy
In his grey suit
Along with Stoney
Ain’t they just cute
They’ve junked Tuninga
And Wortham too
They’re so inept
We’re glad they’re through

Bye bye Ron
Bye bye the other guy
We call that happiness
We think we’re gonna cry

Bye bye Maths
Bye bye Geology
Hello pathology
We feel KU could die

Bye bye KU goodbye
Bye bye KU goodbye

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5 Responses to The Cleverly Brothers

  1. Complete Uni Guide says:

    Prof Spier is starting to turn the old girl around. Up 7 places in complete university guide. Onwards and upwards!

    • loadza monee says:

      ‘Mouth of Steven’ sorry Simon sorry David sorry Sauron yes it is progress indeed to be out of triple digits league table positions! KU is now only in the high double digits and let’s wish for the best and hope the sorcery of the Dark Lord works! The question is who is the Dark Lord – David, Steven or Simon!

    • Danny boy says:

      Turn the old girl around? Would that not be sexist language? … Onwards and upwards??? …

    • Ya think he deserves any credit? Hogwash!

    • Nosey Parker says:

      Loadza Monee – which David are you talking about?

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