KU Clerihew 8

Simon Morgan Wortham,
Allegedly, was caught without a shirt on;
According to Kingstonuniversityscandals
He was only wearing sandals

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5 Responses to KU Clerihew 8

  1. Tommy says:

    Slimey Simon-MW, is a man who abused his position and took advantage of a much younger member of staff. Not only behind his wife’s back since early 2017 – but on Uni premises too! What a pure scumbag – bet his son can’t look him in the eye.

  2. Muckraker says:

    Word is his wife has kicked him out. Serves the utterly worthless ex-Dean right. KU should do the same. How can anybody ever take him seriously anymore??

  3. Slime-on you crazy diamond says:

    I understand that Slime-on is currently ‘hard’ at work on his new tome ‘Deconstructing the Tower of Power’.

  4. Mary Whitehouse says:

    Is this how the SMT wishes Kingston to raise its profile and produce seminal research?

  5. Confused By Stupid Senior Staff says:

    Why do stupid people get promoted? Like seriously, WHY??????? Why can’t good, competent people be promoted??????????

    Oh, and Simon’s wife – i hope you have the good sense to dump your dumb as dog shit husband, and find someone else!

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