NINE!!! NINE Police Officers and counting are gone from ASUPD after shift bid! Clueless police mismanagement at it’s best!!!

Arizona State University Police staffing crisis 2016

Nine Police Officers gone in the blink of an eye! Are we on bloopers or are the COMMAND at ASUPD really this INCOMPETANT ?

Within a matter of a few months and right before the start of the fall semester; Officers Clinton Martinez, Damar Smiles, Craig Woodruff, Daniel Gaughan, Mike Johnson, and Sgt Taylor Romney are all gone from patrol, with Lieutenant Jason Latella, Sergeant Nate Deveney, and Officer Matthew Mansfield on administrative leave.

Before this latest mass departure the department was scrambling to cover shifts, offering overtime, moving officers from one campus to another driving all over the valley, and operating below ASUPD’s super low minimal staffing levels, and far below the DOJ standard we’ve been reporting on for almost 3 years now and we aren’t going to stop.

You would be hard pressed to seek out and locate police management as out of touch and woefully incompetent as the ones running ASUPD command right now. 9 Officers gone overnight, this is unheard of for a department this small. How can the Arizona State University Administration continue to operate like this? Does it honestly care about the safety of the students or just appearances?

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20 thoughts on “NINE!!! NINE Police Officers and counting are gone from ASUPD after shift bid! Clueless police mismanagement at it’s best!!!

  1. Sabadudu says:

    What the heck happened to romney? I enjoyed working with him back in the day. It’s always like that at asu.

    • ComeOnNow4real says:

      He did what many asu police supervisors have done, he was fresh with the ladies, but he made the mistake of leaving the LDS church and thinking he could get away with it.

  2. QuickCallTempe says:

    Don’t you mean Sergeant Latella? Looks to me like he got demoted.

    Shielded, I mean… Shielded by his buddies.

    • Smokey261 says:

      If he was at a legitimate agency where ethics matter, he would already be gone.

    • DL500unit says:

      Unfortunately Latella is a very insecure emotional man looking to come to work and exercise his pent up stress on employees under him. Naturally the kinda mess asupd command would want as one of their own kindred spirits.

    • popo39machine says:

      They are doing their best to get those two out of all the unethical shit they did against an officer. Ultimately the court of public opinion will expose all their misdeeds. I hope all of those issues are in the lawsuit they just filed.

  3. Smokey261 says:

    This is more than the equivalent of losing an entire day, swings, or night shift. In most cases two shifts! This is a solid testament to the complete lack of leadership at our Arizona State University police department. It should be an ideal place to work, instead they made it something else.

    • DL500unit says:

      Their bosses have no expectations for them, that’s why the department has been hemorrhaging staff and keeping capabilities low for over a decade.

      They are more concerned with people on here exposing the lie than ending the careers of people who create the lie in the first place.

    • popo39machine says:

      Correct. No consequences for failure unless you’re on the ground. If you didn’t work here it would be comical to watch.

  4. JustTheFacts says:

    This is indefensible. They set the bar to an all time low for university police management.

  5. Embudo says:

    Chief Michael Thompson and his command staff should saddle up and fill the void created by their gross mismanagement of the most precious resource in the department, their people. What about it, Chief Thompson?

    • DL500unit says:

      That would require them to do the nonexistent work required of them now. They can’t. We’re going to have to outsource it, offer Tempe PD or DPS overtime to work our patrol shifts.

  6. popo39machine says:

    No amount of outside imput is ever going to change how the current batch of ASU commanders etc manage the department. Droves of officers keep leaving and the supervisors start shit talking about them once they’re gone.

    They are make employees miserable when they work there and they continue to damage employees once they leave with perpetual black listing any chance they get.

  7. RUkiddingMe says:

    Much more pressure needs to be put on the command of the ASU police department. If they were vacating positions as fast as the officers maybe some of them would start doing their damn jobs for a change. They would still fail because they have no idea what the hell they’re doing, unless it’s about enriching themselves and their cronies.

  8. Farewell says:

    I feel for the employees in the PD that have to endure the lousy leadership day in, day out.

    It’s really no mystery why employees over the years have fled the PD in droves.

  9. ComeOnNow4real says:

    Looks like it’s time to hire more people to abuse,burn out, and drive out. The university will never acknowledge a management problem within it’s police department.

  10. WheresMy907 says:

    Commander Thompson is red in the face blaming the troops while Chief Thompson delegates more authority to him and the other stuffed shirts. Better get the internal affairs started to retain more officers from leaving.

  11. Disgruntled Employees,

    How dare you question my precious command staff! I work really hard at letting this department run itself into the ground! Do you know, do you actually KNOW how hard it is for me to come up with these IA’s? Yesterday, while I was pinching off a loafer on the third floor, I prayed for 45 minutes about what IA topics we’ll be using for the next few weeks. I was even visited by a the holy Mormon ghost that confirmed the topics I had dreamt up. You all should be looking at me as a modern day prophet. I’m ashamed.



  12. What did those 3 officers do to get admin leave though? I’m sure your department has a good reason for putting them on leave though. The rest of this just sounds like people are responding to gossip. I’m sure your leaders have your best interests in mind.

  13. Boys,

    According to Title 13, Chapter 4 of ARS, I have and always do live up to my sworn duty to uphold the police officer’s code of ethics. Take for instance, when the Chief asked me to investigate myself for a formal complaint that was filed against me by an officer under my command. I answered this most sacred call and have not responded with emotion. This is because I am one part ninja, and 1/3 Jedi.

    I would like to take this time to read to you the officers code of ethics,

    “I will exercise self-restraint and be constantly mindful of the welfare of others. I will be exemplary in obeying the laws of the land and loyal to the state of Arizona and my agency and its objectives and regulations. Whatever I see or hear of a confidential nature or that is confided to me in my official capacity will be kept secure unless revelation is necessary in the performance of my duty. I will never take selfish advantage of my position and will
    not allow my personal feelings, animosities, or friendships to influence my actions or decisions. I will exercise the authority of my office to the best of my ability, with courtesy and vigilance, and without favor, malice, ill will, or compromise. I am a servant of the people and I recognize my position as a symbol of public faith. I accept it as a public trust to be held so long as I am true to the law and serve the people of Arizona.”

    Do you see what I mean? I have done nothing wrong. In fact, I believe I may put myself on admin leave while I investigate myself. This would give me a chance to catch up on Orange is The New Black. oh wait, I mean, while I thoroughly investigate all possibilities.

    In fact, I’m starting a new IA about whether I am secretly a transvestite lesbian. I saw something on Jerry Springer that made me question a few things. Also, if you see my phone number scratched into the stall on the third floor, call it sometime. I answer to the name of “Chrissy” on Saturday nights.

    Your Loving Commander,

    Chris(ssy) Speranza

    PS – Did you know that “55378008” on a calculator spells “boobless” up-side-down? I just finally got that. The kids in my elementary school used to joke about in the 80’s, but I just got it. Some people say I’m slow in the head, but I consider myself a deep thinker. That sounds good. I’m putting that on my Linkedin profile.

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