Working Groups

We have set up a number of working groups. Anyone in the network can join any working group you are interested in. Here are some of the areas we are working on:

Anarchist Travelling Circus – We are organising a third week of music, workshops, talks and events under the banner of Anarchist Travelling Circus. To get involved email anarchistactionnetwork [at]

Fundraising/Finance – There is a working group taking care of finances and coordinating fundraising. We need your help, Why not put on a fundraiser for Anarchist Action Network in your local area?

Communications and publicity – There is a working group producing flyers and publicity – we need your help though – please send graphics or offers of help to anarchistactionnetwork [at]

International networking – There is an International discussion list for the Anarchist Action Network. This is open to anyone to join, you just need to go to this page and

We also need translators to get this information out in as many languages as possible. If you can help, please join the translation list. Again, you just need to go to this page and sign up:

If you have a media enquiry please email anarchistactionnetwork [at]