Legal Information

Why wear a mask?

We cover our faces not to threaten or intimidate but to protect ourselves from intrusive surveillance. We will not be numbered, catalogued or controlled.

Undercover / plainclothes police have given evidence about incidents at previous demos, some even masquerade as journalists. Be aware who is filming you and protect your identity. If you bring a camera to an action please be careful about what you film and what you do with the footage – police have used Youtube as evidence against activists. Don’t be offended if people ask you stop filming.

Taken into custody?

Stay calm – stay quiet – you’ll be out soon. You have the right to have a person told of your arrest – this could be a friend or family member. We
recommend using GBC Arrestee Support. Tell the custody officer you authorise them to speak to GBC about your situation. Then your friends and family can ask us for updates. You have a right to free legal advice – we recommend Hodge Jones & Allen. Do not use the duty solicitor.

When you get released, let us know!

Write these numbers on your arm before the action:
GBC Legal Support – 07946541511

Hodge Jones & Allen Solicitors –
+44 207 8748300 (9am-6pm) /
or 07659111192 (out of hours)

If you witness an arrest or police assault, please phone GBC Legal ASAP (See

If you are assaulted, get witnesses & phone
GBC Legal ( /assaulted)

If you are arrested DON’T PANIC.

Have the custody sergeant inform GBC Legal of your arrest. Give a NO COMMENT interview. If you want a solicitor use Hodge Jones & Allen – DON’T use a duty solicitor. Hang tight, you’ll be out soon.(See Don’t forget to phone GBC Legal when you are released! If you see someone arrested and taken into custody, find out their name from people nearby if you can, and contact us.

Remain silent

‘No Comment’ to ALL questions before and after arrest and during interviews. From the moment you are stopped, everything you say is evidence – there is no such thing as a friendly chat. It is easier to say nothing at all than
selectively answering questions. Say nothing and sign no statements without legal advice.
• You have a right to be told why you are under arrest.
• Your photo, prints and DNA can be taken, you will be searched and your possessions taken.
• You do not have to give your name, address or date of birth at the police station but it may delay your release if you do not, so this is a matter of personal choice
• You have a right to see a doctor if sick or hurt.
• Do exercise your right to read the PACE code about how you should be treated in custody.
• If you are under 17 you will have to have an appropriate adult if you are interviewed(parent/legal guardian or another responsible adult. Don’t agree to a social worker,GBClegal may be able to help.)

Getting stopped

You do NOT have to give your name or address under ANY search power or if stopped
– SO DON’T! The police only have the power to arrest you for not giving your name and address when asked, if:
• you are a driver of a vehicle on the road or if
• involved in accident or road traffic offence whether in a car, on a bike or as a pedestrian
• you are suspected of anti-social behaviour
• have caused, or are likely to, cause harassment, alarm or distress to one or more persons.
• the police wish to summons you for an offence or issue a fixed penalty notice (arrest under S25 PACE)

Stopped & searched

• You do not have to explain why you are there.
• You do not have to co-operate with attempts to photo or record you.
• The police can only give you a pat down, remove outer clothes, search your bags, and get you to empty your pockets, unless they take you to a private space.