On these pages you will find information for action to help us to be as effective as possible during the Stop G8 week of action. See you on the streets!

Legal Information

Here is legal information with useful phone numbers, advice, and what to do if you are arrested.

Crossing the border

Here is advice for internationals about crossing the border as an EU or non-EU citizen.

Affinity Groups

A street action like the Carnival Against Capitalism on June 11 will only ever be as effective as we all make it. Here we explain one particular view of the idea of an “affinity group”, and how it can be applied in a street action, based on a text by Shaun Ewald.

Why mask up on demos?

Here is an explanation about why you should wear a mask, cover your hair and  think about the clothes that you will wear on a demonstration. The article also talks about the different types of police surveillance.

The Intelligence Gathering Role of Police Liaison Officers

We all know Police Liaison Officers (PLOs): their baby blue bibs, their smiling faces, their fondness for photo opportunities and good PR. We know their Twitter accounts, and their public guise as the new friendly face of public order policing. Their real role as intelligence gatherers is explained here.