East London Rising – Programme of Events

East London Rising banner
We’re still confirming workshops, but here’s what we have so far.
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Doors open at 12 noon every day.

Wednesday 5 Aug – Skillshares

1-2pm – Introduction to anarchism
2-3pm – International Solidarity Movement training on going out to join struggles in Palestine
3-5pm – Street direct action training
5-6pm – Know Your Rights
6.30pm – Free vegan dinner
7-9pm – Counter-Surveillance Corner: Information security for the discerning anarchist

Thursday 6 Aug – Benefits claimants’ and workers’ Struggles

1-2pm – Introduction to anarchism
3-4pm – Workshop by Boycott Workfare – a UK-wide campaign to end forced unpaid work for people who receive welfare
4.30pmCalais Migrant Solidarity
5.30pmAction East End: anarchist, grass roots action, not Jeremy Corbyn
6.30pm – Free vegan dinner
7-8pm – Fighting for Ourselves: how workers from CNT-AIT in Zaragoza, Spain, fight the bosses and win
8pm – Brighton Hospitality Workers – when precarious workers organise and strike back!

Friday 7 Aug – Housing struggles and anti-eviction

1-2pm – Introduction to Anarchism
2-3pm – How to set up a Housing Co-op and Intro to Radical Routes
3-5pm – Eviction Resistance Workshop
5.30-7pm – Class War & the Poor Doors
7pm – Free vegan dinner
7.30-8.30pm – Housing Action Southwark and Lambeth, Focus E15 and Our West Hendon

Saturday 8 Aug – Anti-militarism and anti-imperialism

2-3pm – Life Beneath the Drones in Gaza by Corporate Watch
3-4pm – Opposing UK based Israeli drone factories by the Stop Elbit campaign
4-5pm – Talk on resistance in Kurdistan by Kurdish activists and a short talk on the DSEi arms fair’s complicity in repression in Kurdistan by Corporate Watch followed by a discussion about need for solidarity with Kurdish freedom struggles.
5-6.30pm – Resisting the DSEI arms fair: screening of short film Arms Dealers On Trial followed by discussion about DSEI with DisarmDSEI, AAN & CAAT.
6.30pm – Free vegan dinner

Sunday 9 Aug – Anarchism

2-3pm – Street Direct Action training
3-4pm – Intro to anarchism
4-5pm – ‘Let’s Destroy Work’ by a random anarchist
5-6pm – Introduction to the Anarchist Action Network
6.30pm – Free vegan dinner
7pm – What anarchism means for us


Past Events


2-3pm – Introduction to anarchism
3-4pm – Women in Militant Antifascism
5-6pm – Community Solidarity in Resisting Raids
6.30pm – Free vegan dinner
7-8pm – Talk on Antifascism by Martin Lux
8-9pm – Struggles against borders in Morocco

Tuesday 4 Aug – Environment & degrowth

2-3pm – Thinking about technology and degrowth – a Luddite perspective from Luddites200
3-4pm – Earth First! Ecological direct action network workshop
5-6pm – London Mining Network: “Collective, horizontal and consensus-based: How Indigenous self-organisation has stopped international mining giants”
6.30pm – Free vegan dinner
7-8pm – Talk on Heathrow resistance, degrowth and anarchism by Transition Heathrow
8-9pm – Talk on Climate Change and anti-capitalism by Corporate Watch