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Global Action Day – Solidarity with the Zapatistas – 23.09.21

We would like you to join us in a global call to end paramilitary violence in Chiapas, which has intensified just as the Zapatista tour around

Europe is entering into its second phase, with 177 delegates starting to travel across the continent this week.

As some of you may already know, on September 11th, in the early morning, while the Zapatista airbone delegation was in Mexico City getting ready to leave for Europe, members of the paramilitary organization ORCAO serving the Chiapas state government kidnapped the compañeros Sebastián Nuñez Pérez and José Antonio Sánchez, autonomous authorities from the Good Government Council of Patria Nueva [New Homeland], Chiapas.

Sebastian and José Antonio were deprived of their liberty for eight days and then freed on September 19th. The only reason the conflict did not escalate into a tragedy was due to the intervention of the parishes of San Cristobal de las Casas, human rights organizations, and the mobilizations and denunciations carried out in Mexico and, above all, Europe.

Meanwhile, on September 15th, another compañero Zapatista was ambushed and killed in Chenalho, when he and his family were traveling back from San Andrés Larrainzar. The van was attacked by armed men of the paramilitary group that controls the Santa Marta region.

In light of these vile attacks, the EZLN has published a communiqué with a warning of Chiapas being on the verge of a civil war. They are also asking for the national and regional governments to control their groups and bring paramilitary violence to an end. You can read the whole statement here:

In solidarity with the Zapatistas, groups around the world will take part in a global action day, demanding president Andrés Manuel López Obrador and Chiapas governor Rutilio Escandón to stop the attacks on the Zapatista communities and restore conditions for peace in Chiapas.

This gathering will give us the opportunity to stand in solidarity with the Zapatistas and all victims of violence in Mexico. We will express our support for those looking for truth and justice for more 350 000 people murdered and more than 90 000 people disappeared in the context of the wrongly called ‘war on drugs’. With the seventh anniversary since the disappearance of the 43 students of Ayotzinapa coming on September 26th, we invite you to bring messages of solidarity with the Zapatistas and with those looking for their loved ones across the country.

In London, we will gather outside the Mexican embassy (16 St Georges St) on Thursday 23rd at 5:30 pm.

Stop the attacks on Zapatista communities. The entire world is with the Zapatistas.






Roll Back The Tracks Bike Ride

Earth First! organises Roll Back the Tracks Bike Ride from the 15th to the 20th of August to resist HS2 destruction

This August, Earth First! is organising a bike ride to mobilise resistance against the second phase of HS2. We will cycle in a temporary community to build long term connections to halt this ecocidal and undemocratic project. We say “roll back the tracks!”

We will cycle the proposed route of phase 2A starting in Manchester on the 15th with a critical mass protest ride out of the city from where we will follow the route via Crewe and Stafford all the way to Birmingham where we will arrive on the 19th and stay until the 20thAlong the way we will visit protest camps and places that would be affected by the trainline to bring people together to gather the strength to stop this project, while connecting to other relevant struggles and creating a temporary cycling community based on mutual aid. We will camp on fields of supportive locals with no facilities but with your help we will build a basic toilet and provide catering for basic meals.

Call out for support!
Get in touch if you can support us with funding or catering. We are also looking for places to visit along the route and people who would like to offer workshops and/or skill-shares. Get in touch with us:

What do you need to bring?

– bicycle 

 bicycle panniers

– tent, sleeping mat and sleeping bag

– headlamp/flashlight

– power bank for charging electronics

– bottles for carrying drinking water

– a (lightweight) bowl/plate, mug and cutlery

– toiletries and medication

– clothes to stay warm and dry

– first aid kit

– a basic cycle repair kit if you have one

– banners and flags to attach to your bike! (no XR banners please)

– cash for donations for food.

We are looking into continuing the bike ride along the second leg of the proposed route from Birmingham to Leeds from the 20th to roughly the 27th of August. More info will follow!

Drop us an email on to RSVP or for more info.

Keep an eye on our website

Mass Trespass – 24.07.21

Saturday 24th July 2021

The fate of Brighton Downs sharply symbolises the fate of much of our modern private countryside.

Within the lifetimes of our oldest people living today the South Downs used to be a ‘Landscape of Freedom’, with great open scented, flowery pastures, rolling, close-cropped ‘sheep walks’ – largely unfenced – over which people could freely wander, whilst Skylarks made music in the heavens above our heads.

To be sure, the mad economics of imperial food policy and the craziness of two world wars had seen these biodiverse ‘chalk grasslands’ greatly neglected in a century of agricultural depression, then turned into army training ranges, and cleared and destroyed by dig-for-victory and post-war ploughing.

Even now there are nearly two hundred shattered fragments of these pastures surviving locally… mostly on slopes too steep to plough… mostly in poor condition… mostly unknown to us all.

We lost our freedom to wander. We lost most of this hugely-rich ecosystem…this ‘rainforest in miniature’.

We were driven from the places we’d played in as children.

NOW we want our Landscape of Freedom back!

This July a new alliance of free walkers, local and national, are organising a peaceful mass trespass on Saturday 24th July, 10.30am, to re-connect with our local Downland.

‘Landscapes of Freedom’ is a new local activist group, organising with and in support of the national Right to Roam campaign.

This is in the tradition of the campaign of peaceful mass trespasses that were organised to support government proposals for a limited right to roam in the Countryside and Rights of Way Act (2000)… and in the tradition of the famous Kinder Scout mass trespass of 1932.

Come join us for fun and celebration of our threatened Downland wildlife…for:

‘What the eye cannot see the heart cannot grieve over’

In person event: Mass trespass and picnic

TIME: 10.30am



To stay updated, please also visit our social media sites and the hashtags #LandscapesOfFreedom and #Right2Roam

Reclaim Pride – Today, 2pm London


The Serious Annoyance has returned to occupy the empty Camberwell Police Station, Camberwell Church St SE5, as we continue in our fight to #killthebill and highlight the destructive role of the police. 

This week, the draconian PCSC Bill passed its third reading in the commons as the state continues to enforce the expansion of police powers that do nothing but increase the ruling class’s ability to repress us. We know the cops don’t protect us – their resources aren’t focused on catching so-called “criminals”, but on protecting the wealth and power of the capitalist class. We also know that no demand to defund the police is enough – the bastard Tories have already been defunding the police for years! As all these empty cop shops prove… Instead we must build a world which abolishes the police by organsing our own communities and making the cops completely unnecessary. 

We do not and we will not accept increased police powers which effectively ban protest and criminalise trespass, something which amounts to the ethnic cleansing of the GRT community in the UK by making a travelling life impossible. 

Despite the increasingly violent and extreme attacks from the state against those of us who resist the growing police state, from the brutal eviction of the Clapham NotACopShop to the harassment of our comrades in Bristol and the vicious prison sentences being proposed for the brave militants allegedly involved in the Bristol Riots, we will continue to fight against the Bill and its criminalisation of trespass and our democratic rights. 

Not only do we continue to resist this Bill to the final possible moment, but we will continue to organise ourselves to break the system that needs it: a system falling deeper and deeper into a crisis it can only try to solve with more cops, more surveillance, more laws, that strip away our freedom and dignity in order to protect the wealth and power of the ruling class. We refuse to live in their world of ‘total policing’, guarded everywhere by the servants of an evil regime of persecution of women, Black and Brown people, queer people, the working class and every other oppressed group. 

In occupying this cop shop, we collectively stand against this injustice. We will be offering workshops and events that resist this fascist state. We hope that this will be space to find one another, to forge affinities, to tell stories, to inspire, provoke, plot. Watch out for workshops and discussions, for harnessing our ideas, for identifying our enemy, always towards total liberation from this authoritarian society. 

Together we are strong and we will take what we deserve. 

Fuck your laws, fight forever. 
In love, rage and solidarity, The Occupiers xx

ig for the collective:

Resist G7 – June 2021!

The Resist G7 Coalition launched this week with a statement and call for a mass day of action – Saturday 12th June 2021


Follow on social media at:

Twitter: @resistg7

Instagram: @resistg7coalition

G7 summit to be in Cornwall this summer.

11 to 13 June – Carbis Bay, near St. Ives.

The previous two UK-hosted meetings were at Enniskillen in 2013, and Gleneagles in 2005. Both were opposed by coalitions of anarchists, and other anti-capitalists.


Faslane Peace Camp winter appeal

International Call-outs Oct/Nov 2020

Two call-outs for international solidarity cross over on 1st November.

May Day Revolt 2020

GAF is calling for an autonomous day of action on the 1st of May.

#MayDayRevolt #MayDay2020