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G8 Venue confirmed

The UK Government has confirmed that the G8 Summit will take place at Lough Erne, County Fermanagh, in the north of Ireland. This comes after various speculation that it would be in the Lake District, or in London. They have also confirmed the dates: it will be 17-18 June (not 13-14 June as reported before.) The Stop G8 Network has released this statement about the news:

As we are not based in Ireland, we do not feel we are able to make a call out for a mobilisation in Ireland. We are continuing to organise a week of action to coincide with the summit and as a part of this there will be a convergence in London. We do not want this to preclude any action at the summit and we would like to support and work with groups that have similar aims and principles to ourselves. We understand that the political focus in Ireland may be elsewhere and want to know if our network can show solidarity with mobilisations against the EU presidency or the G8 summit. We are stronger together and we are all part of the same anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist struggle.